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AccuTrak Switchboxes

ATEX/IEC ROTARY – 3000/3300/8300


Fully integrated and encapsulated rotary valve position monitors that are certified to intrinsically safe standards. They offer a choice of enclosure materials and switching options.

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Features & Benefits

  • Intrinsically Safe design meeting a wide range of worldwide approvals.
  • Inductive NAMUR sensor rated for IS applications.
  • Magnum switches with rhodium contacts for use with low power I/O’s for longer contact life.
  • Strong durable Beacon™ offers 360° visual indication available in a choice of styles and colors.
  • Touch set cams are hand adjustable, spring loaded and self-locking providing quick calibration of position switches and sensors.
  • Terminal strips are pre-wired and numbered with generous working space for ease of use.
  • Additional conduit for easy field wiring and mounting accessories as standard.
  • Wide range of switches and sensors.
  • Position transmitter option.
  • Switch stabilisation plate.
  • Standardized mounting pattern for easy adaptation to common bracketry.
  • Range of drive shaft options.
  • Engineered resin enclosure is robust yet lightweight; allows broad operating temperatures and provides exceptional chemical, UV and impact resistance.
  • Aluminium enclosures with ultra-low copper content (0.2% maximum) ensure robust performance in corrosive environments.
  • Rugged stainless steel enclosure.
  • IP rated plugs certified where applicable.


Technical data
Area classification (ATEX/IEC)
3000 series: Ex II 1GD
Exia IIC T* Ga
Exia IIIC T120°C Da IP6X
3300/8300 series: Ex II *GD
Exia II* T* G*
Ex t IIIC T135°C Da IP6X
Enclosure standards (IEC)
All enclosures: IP66/67
3000/3300 series resin enclosures: IP68
All Models V3 mechanical switches, SPDT, gold plated contacts
V3 inductive Namur proximity sensors
Magnum, SPDT (hermetically sealed proximity type)
switches with rhodium contacts
All Models Engineered Resin
Stainless steel