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Digital EPIC



Designed specifically for safety valves, Digital EPIC-2 has advanced diagnostic functions that enable ESD, PST, SOVT and FST to be carried out efficiently and reliably, to ensure effective maintenance of Safety Integrity Levels up to level 3.

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Features & Benefits

  • ARM® 32-bit microcontroller based intelligent position transmitter with 4-20 mA position feedback.
  • Non-contact local or remote mount magnetic sensor with no moving parts, providing high accuracy and reliability.
  • Choice of factory configured solenoid coil & valve or custom solenoid valve with a choice of
  • Cv rating and coil voltage.
  • Password protected 3 button local user interface with high contrast graphic LCD and optional backlight (non-intrusive 3 button keypad on XP version).
  • Remote user interface using HART® 7 DD/FDT® DTM 1.2 for seamless system integration.
  • Easy configuration using guided setup wizard and auto calibration.
  • Emergency Shutdown (ESD) status & alarm.
  • Partial Stroke Testing (PST) & pressure profiling.
  • Solenoid Operated Valve Testing (SOVT).
  • Full Stroke Testing (FST) & pressure profiling.
  • Intelligent alarm system.
  • Open/close soft limit switches


Technical data
Input Signal 0-24V analog
Output Signal 0-24V analog
ESD signal 5 to 30 V DC
Loop Output 9 5o 35 V DC
Rotary: 30° to 90°
Linear: 16° to 36° (15 to 914mm)
Temperature range
Standard operational: -40° to +185°F
(-40° to +85°C)
Intrinsically safe: Engineered resin, aluminium, stainless steel
Explosion proof: Aluminium, stainless steel